Resellers After-Sale Service

Are you experts in providing quality after-sales service? If not, our teams are there to support you through our training courses. Discover how after-sales service works with Distri3D.

An After-Sales Service Staffed by Experts in 3D Printing

By choosing Distri3D, you are assured of the best after-sales service in 3D printing in France. Our technicians are trained in 3D printing and know everthing about all our products. Their 3D printing skills are global, including knowledge of consumables, printing processes, softwares, etc. A broad knowledge that assures you the best possible service.

3 Levels of Reseller support for a Better Customer Experience

3D Printing is a new technology, very hard to master for our clients. In order to meet your expectations and ensure a better fluidity of exchanges, we have 3 levels of after-sales service for products under warranty.

Product Warranty : There is a one year guarantee on materials distributed by Distri3D for parts and labor. The warranty includes mechanical and electronic malfunctions of the machines only.

It does not include : all wear parts (consumables), all parts of the extrusion system, the feeder elements in contact with the filament, the plate, etc.


Includes anything that does not result in equipment repair under warranty: troubleshooting, answering questions related to the use of the equipment, information on service and maintenance processes, replacement of parts related to the printing system, machine consumables, wear parts, etc.


Following the Level 1 procedure, the reseller concludes that there is a hardware failure requiring the replacement of a part. Distri3D offers trainings in order to make the resellers autonomous on common breakdowns, so that they are able to carry out these repairs by themselves.


If the repair cannot be performed by the reseller, or if the level 1 and 2 diagnostics have failed to determine the cause of the failure, it is then necessary to organize the return of the equipment to Distri3D.

Level 1 After-Sales Service : Procedure

The level 1 after-sales service is carried out by the Reseller, it is dedicated to information and support. It covers the interactions related to the use of the equipment and consumables, as well as breakdown diagnostics.

► Distri3D does not operate at this level.

Level 2 After-Sales Service : Procedure

After checking with your customer (firmware, use, settings, ...), your diagnosis indicates a hardware failure:

  • The Reseller must contact Distri3D in order to open a after-sale service request (see below "How to make your after-sales service request") by giving as much information as possible.
  • Distri3D technical support will review the diagnosis and decide whether or not to replace a part.
  • If the failure is confirmed, Distri3D sends the part(s) to be replaced to the reseller for free.
  • The reseller replaces the part in their facilities.

Level 3 After-Sales Service : Procedure

If the level 2 diagnostics and repairs did not solve the problem, or the Reseller is not qualified for this kind of repair, a return of material to Distri3D is essential, and these services will be invoiced.

  • The Reseller must contact Distri3D in order to open a after-sale service request (see below "How to make your after-sales service request") by giving as much information as possible.
  • Distri3D technical support will send you back an e-mail with an authorization of return document, to be completed and attached to the parcel. (Without this document in the package, it will be refused when we receive it and returned to the reseller by his transporter).
  • The retailer sends the equipment to Distri3D at his own expenses.
  • At reception, a report of reception is sent to the retailer. It acknowledges the good reception of the material and its state at the arrival.
  • Distri3D technical support commits to make the repairs in 7 working days maximum (between the reception and the expedition, subject to availability of the parts and extreme cases).
  • The equipment is shipped back to the reseller at the expense of Distri3D, with a summary document of the repairs done.
  • The reseller is in charge of returning the material back to his customer

Training for Resellers

In order for our resellers to be able to ensure an optimal quality of service, a technical training is proposed by Distri3D. This training is not compulsory, but it is not free, and provides the necessary knowledge to perform a professional after-sales service of levels 1 and 2. However, we strongly recommend you to take the training in order to guarantee your autonomy and beyond, the satisfaction of your customers

How to Make Your Level 2 & 3 After-Sales Service Request

In order for our support to accept your request and process it as quickly as possible, please follow the procedure below:

  1. Make sure that the problem is covered by service level 2 or 3 under the product warranty.
  2. Send your request by creating a support ticket
  3. Attach to your ticket :
  • Your customer's invoice and your Distri3D order number
  • The serial number of the equipment concerned
  • The description of the problem with the maximum of information and details: the history of exchanges, photos and videos allowing a more complete diagnosis.
  • Finally, follow the procedure indicated by the support in charge of your request.

Equipment Out of Warranty : Repairs on Estimate

If the reseller or his customer has a broken equipment and he wishes to have it repaired by Distri3D the reseller can send a request for quotation. We will send a quotation to the reseller as soon as possible including :

Parts Cost
(Selling price)

Labor Cost
75€(Excl. VAT)/Hour

Shipping Cost
of the equipment

For more information feel free to contact our Resellers network team :

(+33) 1 79 75 30 70 (no surcharge call)
Monday from 2:00 PM to 5:30 PM
Tuesday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 12:30 AM and 2:00 PM to 5:30 PM

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